As Mike Long would say, “unfair advantage”.  That is what you get when you join Bring The Fresh as you will learn how to dominate the search engines through organic SEO in all types of niches and competition levels.  As a member myself I will give my honest review here so you can decide if this is for you…

Bring The Fresh is the brainchild of former “Rich Jerk” Kelly Felix and the marketing mastermind behind “Mystery PUA”, Mike Long.  You know Mystery don’t you?  He is the worlds greatest pick-up artist and had his own show on VH1.  If you search for him online it is Mike Long who is behind what you find online about “Mystery”.  So you know with these two dudes you are going to get some real value out of what they teach because they have been there, proof positive.  This time there is NO guru bullshit fluff, just real value.

So what is BTF?

Bring The Fresh is a “members only” website with tutorial videos and PDF’s on how to succeed at affiliate marketing through SEO, now that is organic SEO and not expensive PPC.  Although they do span on PPC it is not the major goal.  Also you are included free of charge in the exclusive Bring the Fresh forum where you can trade ideas and get support  from other BTF members including Kelly & Mike.

They have two different memberships – “basic” and “full disclosure”.  The basic membership is a one-time fee of $97 and the FD is around $497.  BUT, I would recommend to to go for the basic membership to start off with because you will have a lot to absorb then go full disclosure later when you really want to hit it hard.

To be honest I thought this was going to be a joke, I went in anticipating a refund.  I just became so frustrated trying to learn affiliate marketing I could not take it anymore and decided to actually buy a course which I had never done before.  But let me tell you when I joined and starting digging into Bring The Fresh I realized all the things I had been doing WRONG!  Made a few adjustments and made back my $97 in less than a week and many tens of thousands more since then.

Finally I was able to find out how all the other Internet Marketers were doing it!

Now I am dominating the search engines like I never thought I could.  All the techniques, methods, and tools were revealed to me by both  Kelly Felix and Mike Long.  Like keyword research, SEO techniques, and the very important backlink building.  Get all this down pat and you can become untouchable!  Now I have the feeling like I can beat anybody in the top 10 (even the #1 spot) of Google for my keyword and know what it will take to achieve that, that feeling is priceless.

The methods Kelly teaches you on SEO is flat out eye opening and Mike Long’s “one article to rule them all” is pure gold, so if you have a burning desire to make money online through affiliate marketing and *launch jacking* then check out Bring the Fresh!  Just click the link below and watch the FREE videos on the BTF site and decide for yourself.

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To Claim Your Bonus:

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