Family is an important part of the life of any person, and movie stars are no exception. Many celebrities can proudly state that parents are their best friends and their dearest people, but there are those who are less fortunate among them.

Kate Hudson

According to Zoomboola, Kate did not deal with her own father: her mother’s husband, Kurt Russell, replaced him. She calls him Daddy. As for her real father, Bill Hudson, she does not even want to mention his name, blaming him for that he did not take part in her upbringing.



The singer decided to “wipe” her father off life after learning that he cheated her mother. Also, the star fired the man from the position of her manager. Beyonce is sure that the man betrayed them.

Jennifer Aniston

The relationship between the actress and her mother were not good since childhood. Jennifer is sure that her mother tried to grow a more successful copy of herself and realize in her everything that she could not achieve. Jennifer often complained that she was a victim of the aggressive behavior of her mother and her attacks, which stopped only in 2016 when Nancy died.

Drew Barrymore

Drew cannot forgive her bohemian parents for her crippled childhood. At the age of 15 Drew herself initiated the trial, after which her mother and father have deprived the rights to raise a daughter. Only when Drew got rid of drugs and alcohol addiction and became a mom herself, she began to communicate with her mother. Meanwhile, Drew was never able to be enough brave to forgive her.