Now it is almost impossible to meet a film in which children participated in love scenes. That’s obvious. But it was not always so. There are films in which teen girls played roles that most adult actresses would not agree to.

Brooke Shields a 12-year-old prostitute who starred in the film “Pretty Baby”

During the filming of the film “Pretty Baby”, actress Brooke Shields, who played the role of a juvenile prostitute, was only 12 years old. Initially, the role of the main character of the film, the director wanted to find an adult woman, but with a childish face. The director refused this idea, believing that only a child can cope with the task. After learning about this fact, the public was greatly outraged. As a result, a law was promptly passed prohibiting the use of children in erotic scenes.

Claire Danes and Olivia Hussey – Juliet’s Minors

There are several screen versions of Shakespeare’s play, but the most famous of them are only two. And in both of these films were shot actresses who have not reached the age of majority. Olivia Hussey at the time of filming was 15 years old, and Claire Danes was 16 years old. It is known  that Natalie Portman once claimed the role of Juliet, then it was only 14 years old.

Jodie Foster in the movie “Taxi Driver”

When the young Jody was filmed in Martin Scorsese’s Taxi Driver, she was not yet of legal age. But, the director took all precautions to avoid negative consequences when leaving the movie in the rental. In particular, he organized a comprehensive psychological testing of the girl. And yet, Jody did not participate in love scenes. For this, she had an understudy — her older sister.