Many fans often read about new and luxury cars which stars of films regularly buy. But among famous actors there are also those who don’t get on pretty well with a four-wheeled friend.

Daniel Radcliffe

The actor, who woke up as a start after the release of films about a young magician, for many times stated that he was scared to sit on a driver’s seat. While his peers were buying amazing autos on their first salaries, Daniel wasn’t in a hurry to get a driver’s license. He was practicing to drive around the suburbs of London, but nothing came of these attempts then.

Zoe Saldana

A Hollywood actress, whom most people remember due to films “Guardians of the Galaxy” and “Milky Way”, also can’t drive. And she also doesn’t have a personal driver. So she often comes to her friends when it’s time to go somewhere by car. That’s why her friends forced her to get a driver’s license, but she still avoids getting behind the wheel.

Robert Pattinson

Robert played one of the leading roles in a vampire saga and became the prisoner of this image for many years. The actor admits that he drives absolutely horrible. When he was going around the city by car, he was scared a lot. So he decided not to torture himself and hired a personal driver.

Halle Berry

The actress, who was awarded with Oscar for acting in a “Monster’s Ball” movie, had a driver’s license. But her skills of driving are rather ordinary. All her friends state that she is a tremendous driver and in one of the interviews she also admitted it. Once she hit a car while changing lanes and provoked an accident on the road. The actress escaped from the crime scene, but she was found then and punished by a fine and correctional labour.