The title of a star doesn’t only bring its owners unbelievable salaries, but also demands to be strong and active. To unwind and relax actors, like many usual people, go to the swimming pool or meet friends. However, among Hollywood stars there are also those who prefer to stay at home and play their favorite computer games.

Keanu Reeves

It is known that intelligent Keanu Reeves completely hates all kinds of parties. According to Zoomboola, in his spare from acting time Keanu likes to walk with his girlfriend, art illustrator Alexandra Grant, or play Dota 2. Actions and races don’t attract the hero at all, he prefers strategy games more.

Britney Spears

Unlike her colleague Keanu, Britney Spears prefers fighting games and horrors. From the singer’s words it’s PlayStation that helps her to relax completely, get rid of the stress consequences and not to vent tiredness on family members.

Christina Aguilera

Pop star not once was trying to prove that she is a typical silly blonde. But her fans found out that her preferences in computer games are as severe as her character. After putting her children to bed Christina relaxes by the game Resident Evil.

Vin Diesel

Among star gamers Vin Diesel doesn’t stand out with his creativity. Famous Warcraft the actor names the game for the whole life. However, he refuses to tell the name of his character. It is also known that Vin owns a big company of computer games developing.