Robert Pattinson

Twilight is a love story enjoyed by millions of people worldwide. Pattinson is probably the only one who dislikes his character in the Twilight saga. He has made many unflattering comments about both his role and the book. According to Zoomboola, he thinks it is unworthy of publication. However, this particular film was what helped him gain fame.

Sean Connery

He played the main role in the James Bond movie. In his words, he hates this character so much that he would be ready to kill James Bond. Connery constantly makes negative comments about Agent 007. However, it was this role that brought him professional success and the love of the audience.

Daniel Radcliffe

He’s ashamed of his acting skills in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. He says that he can hardly sit through a movie in which he’s on the cast. The only Harry Potter film where he sees his professional progress is the fifth one. He tries to avoid attending the premieres of his movie.

Alec Guinness

His story and the Star Wars movie have become one of the Hollywood legends. He is the guy who played Obi-Wan Kenobi. However, he’s always hated the movie as a whole. Due to these negative feelings, it was hard for him to stay on the film set. The only reason he forced himself to do it was the double compensation. They say that it was Alec who offered to kill Obi-Wan because he simply could not play this role any longer. He burned or threw away all the letters from fans, without reading any of them.

Kate Winslet

Titanic had enormous box office revenues, and it quickly made the actress world-famous. However, Kate dislikes her acting in this film. She says that if she had a second chance to play the same role, she’d do it much better and more professionally.