Some of the stars were able to “shine” earlier than the others, and got the World records in different nominations.


This famous singer was able to set her personal record in 2013, when her fifth studio album was sold out in large quantities on iTunes. Just imagine – within 3 days, visitors downloaded over 800,000 copies of it.

Beyonce's 5th album cover

Sandra Bullock

One more record, that also deserves close attention. According to the book, this celebrity is named “The Most Highly Paid Actress”, whose average income is about $56 million. Lets’ agree, it’s not bad for a fragile woman to receive so much money.


Metallica band

In 2013, the legendary band performed even in Antarctica. As a result, it managed to set a very specific record, because Metallica was able to give concerts on all continents during the year.

Taylor Swift

The star has set two World records at once: the first one is for its record “Speaknow”, which has become the best-selling female album (its circulation exceeded 280,000 copies); the second is like a singer with the maximum number of singles staying in the Top 100 tracks by American performers.

Taylor Swift

Miley Cyrus

Miley’s career began at the age of 19, and it started with a dizzying success. The star hit the Guinness Book of Records as a teenage singer, whose compositions turned out to be in the charts the most often. The second record Miley Cyrus received as a performer, whose name has become the most common query in search engines. Requests were analyzed in Google.

Miley Cyrus