Most celebrities have managed to turn their physical defects into a kind of business cards by which fans recognize them, but there are people among the stars who are terribly shy of anomalies in their appearance.

Hrithik Roshan

Those who love Indian soap operas about love, adore this famous handsome guy who managed to win the hearts of many women. No big surprise! Tall, dark-haired, not over-muscled, but not fat, and great dancer! Many fans were so passionate about the beauty of the actor that they did not even notice that the thumb of his right hand was split in two.

There is no any tragedy in this, because five fingers are good, and six are even better, but Hrithik himself is very shy and worries about this, but for some reason does not make plastic.

Paris Hilton

There is an ineffable number of legends around the 42nd, and maybe even the 43rd size of her leg. This is a feature of the body structure (it is difficult to call it a defect, because the celebrity has height above average). However, despite all this negativity (and Hilton has been terribly complex for a long time due to the non-standard size of her legs), at the peak of her fame, the girl clearly decided: her legs are an exceptional highlight.

From the beginning, the famous designers specifically for Hilton created shoes of (exclusive) large size, and then the star decided to release own line of fashionable shoes, designed for women with non-standard sizes. So, instead of being shy, Paris fights with the false stereotypes and far-fetched standards of beauty.