For one or another reason, many celebrities did not want their names to be made public, at least, not to be seen on posters and magazine covers. And there are some objective reasons in each case. Someone is shy of the name, experiencing complexes from childhood, but the names of other stars are really not very harmonious. So, their producers created successful pseudonymous for them.

Coco Rocha

There is no doubt that there is a certain connection between the name and the life of a person. But to be born under the name Coco is too much luck for the future star of the modeling business. In fact, the model’s name is Mihaila Rocha, and she took the name Coco not even because of the desire to be like her unattainable ideal. She was just simply called so by her mother when she was a child: Mon petit Coco.

Miley Cyrus

Destiny Hope Cyrus is the real name of the star. And she received her pseudonym because of her childhood nickname — Smiley (from English this word means forgetful, because the girl was really very scattered). But Cyrus was not offended at all, and she got used to her nickname so much that it became the same as her real name.

Elle Macpherson

Eleanor Nancy Gow is the real name of the star. She took it from the list of pupils, when her teacher mistakenly assigned the girl her stepfather’s last name. However, this misstep made such a favorable impression on the future star that she decided to take and use the new name as a creative pseudonym.