Launch Jacking creators Mike Long, Rick Rivera, and Kelly Felix have come up with the ultimate course to make money online the right way without working harder, just smarter.

I myself am a Launch Jacking pro and highly recommend this course.  PUA “Mystery Method” marketing expert Mike Long has taught me and other members of Bring The Fresh this awesome technique of “jacking” another marketers product launch and making huge affiliate commissions!  Not just other Internet Marketers but other big upcoming product launches like brand name 3D Tv’s, high-end electronics, and much more.  The list is endless and always continuing.

With the help of the former “Rich Jerk” Kelly Felix, newcomer Rick Rivera took to it like a shark in the sea and became an expert at Launch Jacking himself earning almost 200k in less than a year and came up with his own unique techniques that blew IM gurus Mike and Kelly away!!  He felt this needed to be shared so others can benefit from it, hence forth…  The *Launch Jacking* course.

Maybe you have heard of it?

The art of Launch Jacking is not hard, but you need to know what your doing or else all hell can break loose and your sniper site will never see the light of any search engine’s day.  These are all done with expertly crafted organic SEO and the correct backlinking techniques needed to stick there week after week and month after month, etc.  Utilizing affiliate companies like Amazon, Clickbank, CJ, and the big-ticket guru launches with not only traffic BUT conversion in mind as well so you friggen make money, period.

* Learn from Mike, Kelly, and Rick exactly where & how to find out about all upcoming product launches and take advantage of using the Launch Jacking techniques to crush your competition and make you a very handsome payday with plenty of passive residual income for the future.

I am confident “launch jacking” works as I have dozens of niche affiliate sites that rank in the top 10 and even plenty that are #1 while dominating the entire front page at the same time, most importantly they make me money!  So much so I no longer need to look for a day job as I was out of work and hopeless in finding salaried employment.  Besides I am making more money doing launch jacking then I ever had working for some stingy company.

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