As the proverb says, we can’t choose the ancestors, and some stars in their own practice know, how is it to be a descendant of a criminal or of a person who tarnished his reputation by working in mafia structures.

Woody Harrelson’s father was a killer

Who would have thought that the good-natured Woody was born in the family of a cold-blooded and prudent assassin, Charles Voyde Harrelson who was convicted by the American Themis to two life terms of prison for killing a judge.

As it was figured out, Charles represented the interests of one of the drug barons, and this judge was too honest (perhaps not brave enough) to take a monetary reward for justifying the guilty person. As a result, he died at the hands of the Woody’s father.

What is most interesting, the son completely believed that his father was not guilty (despite the fact that incriminating evidence was brought against him). Woody tried to appeal the court’s decision, even after his father’s death, in order to justify his name, but all his efforts were ruined.

Leighton Marissa Meester was born in prison

Her parents were involved in the supply of drugs (marijuana) from Jamaica to the United States. And for this reason they were arrested. At the time of sending to prison, the mother of Leighton was already pregnant, and after 9 months she was taken to a specialized hospital. For some time, the girl stayed with her mother, but then her mother was sent back to prison, and the newborn lived with her grandmother. However, due to the circumstances, her mother’s term was softened, and after a year and a half she was free.

As the star herself says, she was born not in prison, but in a hospital, as all the other children. And her mother did everything in the future to correct her mistake that she made in her youth.