From the very beginning of Prince Harry’s relationship with an American actress Megan Markle, mass media blamed the star of the Force Majeure series that she imitated his mother. After the wedding and the birth of the first child, the similarity of two women, which were so different, became even more obvious. So what are they, these similarities between Megan and Princess Diana?


No one doubts that sincerity was one of the main features of the character of the “Queen of the Heart”, Diana was called in the whole world. Like Diana, Megan isn’t afraid when somebody touches her. According to Zoomboola, to express her sympathy and hug a person, she can even break the rules of etiquette, as Diana often used to do.


Like Diana, Megan devotes much of her time to charity and public activities. The is fighting for the rights of those, who need help. Megan was the representative of UNICEF and she patronizes several shelters for animals.

Healthy habits and style

All remember that Princess Diana practiced fitness at least three times a week and love yoga a lot. Megan was even born to become an adept of this because she is the daughter of a yoga coach. She has the same eating habits, which Diana had. For instance, like her, she prefers vegetable salads and cocktails and only once a week she can let herself trying a dessert.

It seems to many people that style, which Megan sticks to, and her images look like as if they were copied from Diana’s photos. Following the same traditions as well as attention to accessories can serve as another proof that Megan looks like Lady Diana.