The star must be in a good shape. And to keep muscles in tone, it’s not always enough to have fitness 2-3 times a week in the gym. Additional loads are also required.

Ski – stars can afford to fly to the Alps

First of all, it is a favorite sport among the representatives of the British royal family. Even Prince William and Princess Maxima themselves are actively doing it.

One of the most famous personalities, who love alpine skiing, is Victoria Beckham. However, she claims that every season she begins with the purchase of new equipment. And some accessories, for example, glasses, are produced by her own brand.

Surfing – you need to work hard for the perfect body

Surfing is a very hard sport. It requires considerable persistence and well-developed musculature to learn to stand firmly on the board and catch the waves.

This passion had s great impact on the good physical shape of David Beckham and Cameron Diaz.

Running – available to everyone at any time

Many stars start the morning or end the day by jogging. But the most avid runners of show business are: Reese Witherspoon, Gwyneth Paltrow and Madonna.

Bicycle – helps keep your body fit and gives you a good mood

Sarah Jessica Parker, the main heroine of “Sex and the City”, often goes for a bike ride. Natalie Portman is also one more famous person, who was noticed by making this occupation.

To ride a bike is useful because it helps to burn calories and saturate the body with oxygen, and allows you to relax and calm down.