Irina Shayk

The beauty of Russian women often forced the famous and successful celebrities to sacrifice a lot – just to get the attention of «Northern beauties». Let’s find out the names of the lucky ones who decided to link their «star destiny» with Russian women.

Adrian Brody and Lara Lieto (real name – Larisa Tyaka)

They are together as a couple for over a year and not so long ago, they announced that they have a serious relationship. Larisa is a Moscow model who managed to conquer not only the Russian catwalk but also to become a standard of beauty in Monaco and other European countries, deservedly considered the birthplace of high fashion. Despite the fact that the couple has been together for a long time, Adrian and Lara do not hesitate to show their feelings in public, thus providing excellent material for the paparazzi.


Adrian Brody and Lara Lieto

Irina Shayk and Cristiano Ronaldo

This couple is one of the most odious – such a number of rumors and gossip that revolve around them, did not know any other «star alliance». And all the fault is the amorous adventures of a handsome football player, who even Ira’s boundless splendor was not enough. Despite the fact that Ronaldo has long sought the favor of the Russian model, in the midst of their novel Irina learned that her lover became a father! The only thing is that another woman gave birth to his heir. And this is not the only sin of a football player. How can such a hot macho pass by so much dishy beauties that surround him everywhere?

Irina Shayk