Michelle Rodriguez

This girl’s temper is violent. Her appearance alone says a lot: she’s brutal and ready to kill, which made her perfect for a role in the TV series Lost. On the dangerous island, she looks in her element. According to Zoomboola, aged 25 at the time, she’d already been in conflict with the law. She had a passion for alcohol and driving at high speed. No wonder she abruptly disappeared from the cast of Lost.

Shannen Doherty

This lady has been kicked out of casts many a time due to her hard-nosed attitude and inappropriate behavior. She was late for shootings, quarreled with others, and drove under influence. Doherty is the complete opposite of her character in the show. The most scandalous cases are the TV series Charmed and Beverly Hills 90210.

Robert Downey Jr.

In the 1990s, Downey Jr. starred in the comedy TV series Ally McBeal. He did great and the show enjoyed high ratings. But the actor simply vanished before the shooting of the last episode. It turned out that he had gotten arrested.

Even before this incident, he often frustrated the director with his behavior and drug issues. Thus, he was kicked out of the cast of this series.

Stuart Townsend

The young actor had the chance to star in The Lord of the Rings as Aragorn. He was even approved for the role. But after the first week of shooting, the director decided to kick him to the curb.

There are two reasons why Townsend could not continue. The first one is, the director did not feel any “chemistry” between the actor and the character. The second reason is that Stuart was too young for this role – they needed an older actor.

However, Townsend was disappointed and complained that he hadn’t been paid for the months of preparations for the shooting.